Adopting a pet? Four Qs to ask yourself before adoption!

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If you’re thinking of adopting a pet, there are four questions the ASPCA recommends asking yourself first:

What do I want most in a pet?

Are you looking for a constant companion, something independent or maybe pet for a child? Dogs, cats, and rabbits can all be affectionate, but guinea pigs have their place, too.

How much responsibility can I handle?

Caring for a pet may mean more than just walking the dog or cleaning the litter box, it might also mean dealing with health or behavioral issues. How much time and energy are you willing to commit to a pet?

What kind of critter can I afford to pamper?

Caring for pets can be expensive. ASPCA research shows costs can range from as little as $35 a year for a fish, to $900 a year for a large dog.

What species is most compatible with my lifestyle?

Do you stay home or travel? Do you have a new baby? When do you sleep? Not all pets are good for all situations, so consider your lifestyle when deciding on a pet to adopt.

Please visit Four Things to Ask Yourself Before Adopting a New Pet to read the full ASPCA article. To adopt your furry friend from our Redlands Animal Shelter, please visit this link

Excerpt story by
Karen Baker
Feline adoption coordinator (volunteer)

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more because there are people that adopt an animal and bring it back to the shelter because A) they cannot afford a pet, B) do not have the time or energy to be taking care of the animal, and C) the owner being irresponsible with taking care of the animal. In addition to this story, I would also like to add in addition to affording an animal is ” what kind of food would the owner feed the animal?” Do you want to feed raw (which is the most biologically appropriate way to feed an animal), kibble only, wet food only, kibble and wet food, holistic, organic, or grain free. These are things that the owner needs to ask him/her self because when using these types of food, you are prolonging the life of your animal, they will eat less, shed less, and poop less which every likes to hear. People ask this question a lot and that is “what is the BEST food?” To answer your question: it isn’t what is the best food it is what is BEST for the animal. It is going to depend on what works with the animal’s digestion. It is going to be trial and error and that can be frustrating but there are people that can help you and educate you on what would be appropriate to feed your new furry critter. Thank you and thank you Karen for educating us on adopting an animal. You ROCK!!!!

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