Myths about Homeless Animals

There are plenty of myths around about homeless animals, and the ASPCA is working hard to share the truth with the public. Some of those myths include:

Myth: All homeless pets are mixed-breeds.
Truth: Approximately 30% of all homeless pets in the U.S. are purebred.

Myth: There must good reasons why pets are homeless.
Truth: Most of the reasons pets are in shelters have nothing to do with the animals. The reasons include the caregiver’s inability to care for the animal, or the animal having been a stray.

Myth: You don’t know what you’re getting when you adopt a pet.
Truth: It’s true that the backgrounds of many shelter animals are unknown, but many were in very happy homes until their families could no longer care for them.

Click People Saving Pets: Debunking Myths About Homeless Animals to read the full ASPCA article.

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