How To Help

We know that not every animal lover can open their home to a litter of kittens, or donate a substantial amount of time or money to our cause, but there are still numerous opportunities for you to help REDFOSA in simple, yet significant ways. Whether it’s one bag of kitten food, an hour spent interacting with our dogs, or a modest donation of whatever amount is comfortable for your situation, please know that every offer of assistance is sincerely appreciated and ultimately helps the lives of homeless animals here in Redlands.

blue pawCash Donations

As with any non-profit organization, a cash donation is always a welcome and much appreciated gift. Whatever the amount, REDFOSA is dedicated to using this money for the homeless animals of Redlands. Not only do we cover routine medical care, we also use our cash resources to save the lives of critically ill or injured dogs and cats. Additionally, we are working in unison with the Redlands Animal Shelter to raise money for a new Critical Care Facility in order to house animals who need to be isolated and in a climate-controlled environment. We are excited to join our community in making this a reality for our most vulnerable animals. Click here to donate online.

blue paw AmazonSmile

Donate via AmazonSmile! When first visiting AmazonSmile, you’re asked to select a charitable organization – please search and select REDFOSA or click HERE. The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of your purchase price to us!

 blue pawIn Kind Donations

Most people would be amazed to see the amount of food, litter, towels and pet shampoo we go through on a weekly basis. We try to update our Wish List frequently as our needs do change with the seasons. We also have an online registry with Amazon, so whether you’d like to swing by the Redlands Animal Shelter with a bag of dog kibble, or go online and ship us a box of kitten formula, every item donated is greatly appreciated and absolutely necessary to the mission of our organization.

blue pawVolunteering

Our doors are always open to welcome new volunteers! We need help with both cats and dogs at the Redlands Animal Shelter, but we can also use extra hands at our adoption events, which typically take place on weekends. All volunteers need to be processed and fingerprinted prior to interacting with the animals. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the shelter.

blue paw Fostering

One of our greatest needs is that of foster homes for both dogs and cats. Typically we need fosters for puppies and kittens who are too young to be altered and adopted out, but sometimes we have adult animals who have been sick or injured who need a few weeks of TLC. We provide our foster families with all the necessary supplies to care for these animals. All we need from you is the warm space of your home and heart. All fosters need to be processed and fingerprinted prior to interacting with the animals. If you are interested in fostering, please visit the shelter.

Wish List

Updated 8/5/16

♥ Dry Cat & Kitten Food
♥ Water Bottles (for volunteers)
♥ Cat Toys (balls, etc.)
♥ Dog Toys (rope and pull toys)
♥ Regular laundry soap
♥ HE (high efficiency) Laundry Soap
♥ Scrubber Sponges
♥ Dawn dish soap

We love our locally-owned pet stores! Please mention that you are buying items to donate to REDFOSA when shopping in town. Some vendors offer a discount for donated items.