In Memory

AmberWe dedicate this website in loving memory of Amber Houck. Amber was one of the founders and hero volunteer of REDlands Friends Of Shelter Animals (REDFOSA). A leader who set an example for all of us. She was not only a Veteran but an animal rescuer. She spent every second of her life to save animals. She was a Volunteer K9 adoption coordinator at the Redlands Animal Shelter in the city of Redlands, CA . She did so much for everyone around her and never said no when asked for help. Amber lost her life to cancer on July 09, 2012. She remains in our hearts forever.


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Wish List

Updated 8/5/16

♥ Dry Cat & Kitten Food
♥ Water Bottles (for volunteers)
♥ Cat Toys (balls, etc.)
♥ Dog Toys (rope and pull toys)
♥ Regular laundry soap
♥ HE (high efficiency) Laundry Soap
♥ Scrubber Sponges
♥ Dawn dish soap

We love our locally-owned pet stores! Please mention that you are buying items to donate to REDFOSA when shopping in town. Some vendors offer a discount for donated items.