More Exciting News…

Nov15 REDFOSA participated in the There’s No Place Like a Home Super Pet Adoption event in Rancho Mirage on November 15. We took 12 dogs and 9 cats. Out of which 6 dogs and 8 cats were adopted/rescued. How AWESOME is that!!!!???!!!

(November 19, 2014)

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Wish List

Updated 8/5/16

♥ Dry Cat & Kitten Food
♥ Water Bottles (for volunteers)
♥ Cat Toys (balls, etc.)
♥ Dog Toys (rope and pull toys)
♥ Regular laundry soap
♥ HE (high efficiency) Laundry Soap
♥ Scrubber Sponges
♥ Dawn dish soap

We love our locally-owned pet stores! Please mention that you are buying items to donate to REDFOSA when shopping in town. Some vendors offer a discount for donated items.